How to Scale A Business with Virtual Assistants – Three Points To Consider To Achieve Success in 2024


how to hire a virtual assistant


Is your to-do list making you feel like you’re running a marathon daily while your business barely trots? You’re not alone. Entrepreneurs across industries wear more hats than magicians, often juggling tasks far outside their expertise. But what if you could unlock hidden time, delegate effectively, and scale your business by leveraging the support of Virtual Assistants? 

Enter the game-changer: your trusty VA. You’ve brought them aboard, ready to offload tasks and reclaim your sanity. However, delegation mastery requires more than just assigning chores. It’s about building a productive, collaborative remote partnership, all in the name of scaling your business.  

In this blog, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools to make your VA team an integral part of your growth journey. 



How to Scale a Business – Delegation is Key 

Think of your VA as an investment, not an expense. Delegating frees you to focus on your core strengths: vision, strategy, and client relationships. It unlocks your entrepreneurial superpowers while your VA tackles administrative tasks, social media management, or data entry. The result? Increased productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, revenue.   

However, to ensure a successful working system within the business, you need to build up a solid partnership with your Virtual Assistant.  


How to Build Up a Solid Partnership with Your VA 

Start with Clarity


Imagine you and your VA working side-by-side like a well-oiled machine. Clear communication is critical to making this a reality. Don’t assume that your VA can read your mind—be upfront and honest about what you each need. 

Start by outlining your VA’s roles and responsibilities, what projects they’ll tackle, and your preferred communication style – emails, calls, and perhaps even virtual coffee breaks. Tell them when they can reach 

you and what questions are always welcome (remember, asking shows they’re engaged!). 





Embrace Communication Transparency 

One of the top issues with any VA partnership is unclear communication. Forgo the confusion and embrace open, regular check-ins where you discuss everything, from minor updates to big-picture goals. 

Think of project management tools like Trello or Asana as your organised HQ. You can effortlessly assign tasks, track progress (a visual reminder of conquering that to-do list!), and leave constructive feedback. 

Don’t underestimate the power of weekly check-ins. These are your opportunities to strategise together, tackle roadblocks head-on, and celebrate each other’s successes. Clear communication builds trust, the foundation of a productive and rewarding partnership. 

By keeping the lines of communication clear and consistent, you unlock the full potential of your VA, empowering them to be a true partner in scaling your business for growth. 


Master the Art of Delegation 

Effective delegation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. To truly unlock your VA’s potential, consider the following: 

Every task presents unique requirements and demands, so take the time to understand your VA’s strengths and expertise. Consider their skills as “tools” in your professional toolbox – utilising the right tool for the task ensures optimum results. 

Avoid piecemeal delegation by entrusting your VA with complete tasks that align with their skill set. Assigning “writing the blog post” fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, far surpassing merely delegating “researching blog topics.” 

Before starting any work or business tasks, discuss the goals, desired outcomes, and preferred working styles. Encourage questions and feedback to keep your VA well-informed and empowered. 


Empowerment, Not Micromanagement  

Remember that amazing feeling when you finally finish a challenging task? That’s how you want your VA to feel, too! Instead of hovering over their shoulder, trust them to get things done.  

Think of it like giving your favourite athlete the game plan but letting them call the plays. Provide clear instructions and goals but take your time with every step while giving them the freedom to take initiative and use their skills. 

Allow your VAs to build ownership and make them feel invested in your success. A happy and engaged VA is a productive VA! So, step back, relax, and watch them work their magic!  

Trust is vital in any relationship, and your VA is a valuable partner in scaling your business. 


Investing in Your Virtual Assistants Success 

Invest in your VA’s growth. Part of scaling your business is also investing in your team. You can do this by offering training opportunities, encouraging continued learning, and providing clear paths for advancement. Remember, investing in their growth is an investment in your own business.  



How to Scale a Business with Remote Collaboration Tools 


Technology fuels successful remote partnerships. Having tools that make efficiency possible, even when working on opposite sides of the world, can make or break your business growth. Choose your tools wisely.

To get you started, here are some essential tools that we recommend.  


Project Management 









Organise tasks, set deadlines, and track progress using project management software. 



Trello is a popular visual project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to represent tasks and their progress. It’s simple and flexible, making it a good choice for individuals and teams. Trello is free for basic use, with paid plans offering additional features such as power-ups and custom backgrounds. 



Asana is another popular project management tool that offers various features for organizing and tracking tasks. It has a clean, intuitive interface and integrates with popular tools like Dropbox and Google Drive. Asana is free for up to 15 users, with paid plans offering additional features such as unlimited projects and custom fields. 


Less Annoying CRM   

Less Annoying CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that also includes project management features. It’s a good choice for businesses that must manage customer relationships and projects. Less Annoying CRM is free for up to 3 users, with paid plans offering additional features such as custom branding and reporting. 












Connect with your VA instantly for quick chats or video calls. 



Slack shines in real-time team communication and collaboration. It boasts channels dedicated to specific topics or projects, integrated file sharing and search, and a wide range of third-party app integrations for enhanced functionality. While a free plan exists, paid options unlock features like guest accounts and priority support. Think about dynamic project discussions, document sharing, and efficient team interactions. 



Zoom is the leader in video conferencing and online meetings. It delivers high-quality video and audio alongside screen sharing and collaborative whiteboard tools. Meeting recording and transcription options boost meeting value. While a free plan allows 40-minute meetings, paid plans cater to larger groups and offer advanced features. Imagine remote meetings, engaging presentations, webinars, and impactful online training sessions. 



Skype offers a versatile mix of video calling and instant messaging. Enjoy free video calls with up to 50 participants, screen sharing, file transfer, group chats, and calls. Integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook adds convenience. Skype works well for personal video calls, casual team check-ins, and connecting with friends and family. 


File Sharing 

Securely share documents and collaborate in real time. 

One Drive 

OneDrive seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem, offering tight Office suite integration for collaborative editing and advanced security. It’s ideal for Microsoft users already immersed in the 365 suite. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive shines for Google Workspace users, boasting powerful search, built-in collaboration tools within Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and FREE storage with a Google account. Its strength lies in the deep integration with Google’s ecosystem. 


Dropbox prioritizes simplicity and cross-platform compatibility. It’s user-friendly, offers robust file sharing with granular permissions, and strong security. However, its collaborative editing features require third-party apps. 


Time Tracking 

Track work hours and ensure productivity for both parties. 


Hubstaff goes beyond time tracking, offering project costing, invoicing, and payroll processing. Ideal for managing large teams, its comprehensive features come with a steeper learning curve and possible privacy concerns due to monitoring. Its extensive system makes this tool available only on a paid subscription.   

Time Doctor 

Time Doctor focuses on accountability through employee monitoring. It tracks time, captures screenshots, and monitors activity, making it suitable for remote teams and identifying distractions. However, its user interface can be complex, and privacy concerns might arise. 


Toggl prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. With one-click time tracking, project tagging, and a free basic plan, it’s ideal for individuals and small teams. However, it lacks advanced features like monitoring and invoicing. 

Remember: The tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Successful remote collaboration hinges on clear communication, mutual respect, and trust. 


Beyond Delegation: Scaling your Business with Your VA: 

As your business grows, your VA can evolve beyond administrative tasks. Consider leveraging their content creation, bookkeeping, or social media marketing skills. Invest in upskilling them to take on higher-value tasks, further freeing your time and scaling your business’s potential. 


Ready to Delegate and Ascend? 

By embracing delegation and building a strong VA partnership, you unlock the door to explosive growth. Remember, you’re not just hiring a helper but investing in your business’s future. So, delegate confidently, communicate effectively, and watch your VAs become catalysts for your entrepreneurial success. 

Bonus Tip: Take our free quiz to determine if your business is ready for a VA and unlock valuable resources to kickstart your remote collaboration journey. Let’s scale your business together! 

Remember, you’re not alone in this entrepreneurial journey. VaVaVoom is here to support you every step of the way. 

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