Our Voomers

With VaVaVoom we aim to provide our Voomers top-notch support and service. Here are some feedbacks from our valued Voomers.

“All my life, I have tried to do everything by myself and I avoided leveraging and delegating.  But the more my workload increased, the more I thought, “I can’t do it on my own. I started wishing I had an assistant.   Then I met Richard Evans at a property network event and then the rest is history.  VaVaVoom has well trained staff, not only virtual assistants but Richard was able tgive the direction and the guidance on how to delegate to elevate.  VaVaVoom mentored me and gave me the direction I needed.  They have a friendly customer service team with spontaneous and prompt response. I ‘d give them 100 out of 100.

Rie Hamaguchi

JRZ Estates Ltd.

Our VA’s

Here are some testimonials from our staff of high-quality Virtual Assistants

Register as an affiliate using this Sign up link and Log in, we will pay you £125 for every referral that signs up. In addition, you will be providing 5 days of social entrepreneurial training to students in the Philippines.