Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get upon signing up with VaVaVoom?
  • Your own dedicated Virtual Assistant
  • Pre-screened VA trained in our Principle Business Systems
  • Technical help-desk
  • Cover for sickness and/or holidays
  • In-house specialists for website design and creation
  • In-house Digital Marketing specialists
  • Training webinars
  • Access to our on-line training & systemisation videos
  • Inclusion on our Facebook private page

One of its benefits is that you won’t need to take time in posting your position on the internet to find your VA then comb through profiles of potential VA’s on your own. We will match a fully screened and competent candidate based on the task list you have provided to us. We provide webinars, training and tutorials not only for VA’s but also for your own benefit. You have access to these on your VaVaVoom profile. Not to mention the technical helpdesk we have on call to help you and your VA with any technical issues.

When you book your interviews, you will receive a task list to complete. You check all the items on the task list that you are looking for your VA to do. One of our recruitment advisers then will match candidates to the task list you complete when scheduling the interview. The candidates have all been screened and they are of the correct calibre. We will arrange interviews with up to four (4) candidates.

We operate an on-line calendar system for you to schedule your interview with your personal VA candidates. We will arrange interviews with up to 4 candidates at the time you have selected.
The interview is part of your membership to VaVaVoom, no additional payment is required. We will arrange interviews with up to four potential candidates.
You will be accompanied by one of our recruitment advisers during the interview. They will work with you to select the most suitable candidate and take care of the on-boarding process.
All VA candidates are trained in the the essential tools a VA must know which are: Trello, LastPass, Less Annoying CRM and cloud storage apps. Additional training is provided for specific tasks you require such as bookkeeping, social media management & marketing.