VSA Masterclass

Join us for the Virtual Serviced Accommodation Masterclass to start learning strategies used by one of the most well-known and experienced service accommodation experts in the business.


Serviced Accommodation is an amazing strategy for achieving high rates of return through property investing.  SA however is not easy and does involve a lot more time than other strategies such as single lets or HMO’s.  There is however a solution.

Are you looking to start or grow your Serviced Accommodation business without being tied to the day to day operations of the business?

Virtual Serviced Accommodation Masterclass will show you all you need to know about building a Serviced Accommodation business and how to save your time by systemising the business using software, processes and Virtual Assistants who will take care of all the day to day operations within the business.

and scale up

Serviced Accommodation is a business that can be systemised so you can focus your time on growing your business rather than dealing with the day to day operations of the business.

Expanding Market

Due to the incredible growth of online travel agencies such as Booking.com and Airbnb, more and more travellers are looking for good quality accommodation as an alternative to staying in a hotel.

Rates of Return

Due to the demand in the market, it is possible to achieve incredible rates of return through Serviced Accommodation.  There is however a lot you need to know to succeed in this fast growing business.

How to access the Virtual Serviced Accommodation Masterclass

The Masterclass comprises of six weekly live webinars and started on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 7PM. All the webinars are recorded so if you sign up after this date or miss any you can always watch later. We will also provide a selection of useful documents and templates to use within your SA business.

Looking to maintain your Continuous Professional Development

Hours spent attending the Virtual Serviced Accommodation Masterclass all count towards maintaining your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  Upon completion of the Masterclass feel free to request a completion certificate as evidence of your attendance.

Topics Covered

By taking this course, you’ll get the complete A-Z on everything you need to know about Service Accommodation and systemising the business. It’s the first of its kind that gives you the full blueprint. Whether new to Serviced Accommodation or experienced, we will give you all you need to know to take your business the next level…

  • Why Serviced Accommodation?
  • What is SA
  • What are the downsides
  • What are the solutions
  • Why systemise your business
  • What is a systemised business
  • Branding
  • Limited company set up
  • HMRC and taxation
  • Getting a Virtual Assistant
  • What your VA can do for you
  • What software are you going to need
  • Identifying your location
  • Restrictions and legislation
  • Understanding your guest profile
  • The right property for the right guest profile
  • Rent to Rent or purchase
  • Refurb or new build
  • Negotiating with the Landlord
  • Finding your property
  • Crunching the numbers
  • Funding options and mortgage restrictions
  • Refurbishing and setting up your property
  • Channel Managers and CRM’s
  • booking.com and other OTA’s
  • Build your own website
  • Furniture, lease or purchase
  • Marketing
  • Photography, descriptions and floorplans
  • Finding corporate clients
  • Social Media and email campaigns
  • Building and managing your team
  • Training
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • The booking process
  • Collecting payments
  • Taking deposits
  • Key management
  • Policies and collecting payments
  • How to avoid chargebacks
  • Helpdesk and guest relations
  • Emergencies and complaints
  • Getting repeat bookings
  • Replying to reviews
  • Rate management
  • P&L Reporting
  • Reviewing occupancy rates
  • Operations Manuals
  • The SA bible


Total Investment
£ 495 + VAT
One time payment

The Full Masterclass registration.

Access to the live webinars.

Templates & useful documents released each week following the live webinar.

Access to our private Facebook group.

Richard Evans

I have been successfully operating Serviced Accommodation since 2016.  In 2017, I systemised my business and took on a Virtual Assistant working out of the Philippines.  Having achieved great success operating my business with the help of my VA, other property investors started to ask me the secret of my success.

In 2019 I created VaVaVoom.solutions a business that teaches other entrepreneurs how to free up their time by systemising their business and use VA’s to undertake the day to day operations required in their business.   VaVaVoom has now helped numerous people like you in systemising their business.

I have designed this Masterclass to give you all the information you need to generate an amazing income from this fast growing strategy.


As a Voomer you can sign up for the VSA Masterclass for only £48.00.  You can also join the affiliate program and earn £125.00 for every referral registration.

Thinking about joining VaVaVoom?  Sign up to VaVaVoom today for £250.00 and get the VSA Masterclass for only £48.00.  Total investment £298.00!