10 Interesting Traits You’ll Discover with Filipino Virtual Assistants

What sets apart Filipino Virtual Assistants from the rest of the world?

Virtual Assistants, also known as VA, refer to performing administrative and other professional services remotely for clients. Services may be performed from a client’s office or home via a remote connection. The access can be through the Internet or through an intranet. This kind of job has been popular with most Filipino, especially when the pandemic hit. This industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Philippines economy. With the rise of social media, many Filipino workers found themselves looking for alternative jobs. Filipino Virtual Assistants are now globally sought out for work with Virtual Assistants. The growth of outsourcing has made this possible. Foreign clients prefer Filipino Virtual Assistants due to their traits.

Here are the 10 interesting traits you’ll find in the Philippine workforce.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are fast learners

They are one of the quickest and easiest solutions you can employ to realise your business goals. Armed with their passion for technology, fresh graduate Filipino Virtual Assistants can go beyond the job description set by their clients. They can adapt to the different tasks assigned to them. They enjoy taking on new challenges by learning new things and acquiring more skills.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are creative

They can write blog posts and e-books, and create graphics and digital content. They can also perform highly technical tasks with ease, such as creating PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and blogs. You can compare their skills to how we would ask a backend developer or graphic designer to perform website creation for their client.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are excellent at multitasking

Many people think that Virtual Assistants only perform simple tasks, such as answering emails. But in the Philippines, there are a lot of Filipino virtual assistants who have become experts in performing complex tasks. They can carry out mundane tasks such as making calls on your behalf, researching and answering email messages, managing calendars, and drafting reports. They can also plan and organize events, including special events. Moreover, they are very flexible when it comes to task allocation.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are service-oriented

They provide quality service to their clients. Filipinos prefer to work for other people and don’t prefer to work for themselves. They take joy and pride when they are assisting clients with their tasks. They can also adjust to the schedule of their client based on the business need and goals.


Filipino Virtual Assistants have strong work ethics

Filipinos have a natural inclination for hard work, which is probably due to their upbringing. Their parents, usually their mothers, often work. They also take pride in being excellent at what they do. As a general rule, Filipino VAs like to stick to schedules and get things done on time. They appreciate simplicity and efficiency and are always keen on maintaining high standards.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are highly trustworthy

They are clean and very dependable. Some tasks they do include payment policies, processes, working with clients’ modes, and distribution of payments. Therefore, some clients even let their bank account details be handled by their Filipino Virtual Assistant.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are proven, leaders

They know how to think creatively to solve problems. They can support businesses and entrepreneurs in running their business operations to focus on growing their companies. They are independent and works with minimal supervision.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are English Proficient

One of the best features of working with a Filipino VA is that English is their constitutional language. In fact, if you’ve been to the Philippines, you would see that English signs are everywhere. The legal language is English, as well. So just remember, English is also considered an official language of the Philippines. Therefore, writing articles, press releases, social media management, etc., are all communication that Filipino Virtual Assistants are well equipped to handle.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are friendly and very accommodating

Hospitality has been an integral part of Filipino culture. Therefore, even at work, a Filipino tends to showcase that trait. Any client will always find a helping hand from them. At any given time when tasks are beyond their job responsibilities, Filipino VAs would naturally adjust their time to accommodate the additional tasks.

They are also very cheerful, making them impossible to be intimidating. Suppose you have a team of Virtual Assistants; you can expect them to work well together and openly share knowledge with each other. This makes your team of Filipino VAs open to training and advice.


Filipino Virtual Assistants are very resourceful

They are result-driven. Even with limited resources, they can always find ways. They often self-study and find ways to educate themselves and upgrade their skills by searching through the Internet.


Key Takeaway

Need a Virtual Assistant? Look no further. We have the solution here at VaVaVoom and you can expect Filipino Virtual Assistants are all these and more. If you’re curious and want to find out more about the Filipinos and their values and culture, you can read 27 Filipino Values: Cultural Beliefs That Influence Our Actions. If you’re determined to hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant and want to find out the process to do it then go to VaVaVoom Solutions to get yourself started.

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